If you decided to purchase some artwork from the www.reshart.com exposition, please do the following:

  1. Click Buy link below the chosen artwork to go to Order page. Please fill all form fields and then click Send button to email the completed form to our address.
  2. Upon receipt of an email with your order, we contact you to confirm it by phone or email. Based upon the data submitted by you, we prepare information on cost of the order, date and other terms of delivery by several alternative methods.
  3. Then, we send you an email containing information on mode of payment and necessary details.
  4. Upon receipt of the specified amount of money to our account, we send or deliver you the purchased artwork.                      The purchased goods will be sent to any of the addresses specified by you.

Then, you will be entitled to a five day inspection period, when you may return the purchased artwork, if, due to some reason, you are not contented with it. We shall refund your purchase.